Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Ray of Sunshine-Day 3

"A Ray of Sunshine"
#3 of 30
8"x6" oil on Raymar panel

If you remember, my theme for this 30 day challenge is "Vacation Memories, or Not".  Well this is one of those "or not" paintings but technically it applies because I had to drive about ten miles to get there.  Doesn't that count as a trip???

The Plein Air Buds went to Squirrel Lake Park over in Matthews (the next town over).  It was a very hot morning but I found a shady spot so it really was not that unbearable.  I saw this massive tree trunk that had dappled light on the trunk but the ground below had long bands of sunshine.  There's my title, I said!  

Tomorrow we should be back travelling!


  1. Hi Kathy, I am so glad you are in this challenge. This is my second time doing 30 in 30 so I know it goes quickly as in time flies when you're having fun!
    This is a nice painting you've posted today.

    1. Fay, thanks so much for your comment! Yes, this is the 1st time for me and I am still excited 3 days in. Keep watching because I am getting ready to start something from our trip to Roussillon-that is if it makes the cut!! Paint on!!