Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Miller Park

"Miller Park"
Day 28 of 30/30
8"x6" oil on canvas panel

When I was a kid growing up in Winston-Salem NC, I would spend most summer days at Miller Park.  It was about 6 blocks from my home and I would ride my bike or walk to my friend Mary's house.  She lived about a block from the park and we would spend hours there roller skating, roaming the creeks, playing board games and making crafts in the summer recreation programs.  I may or may not have learned how to play "post office"  and "spin the bottle" during those summer days!  You have to be about my age in order to know what I am talking about!!!

This past June Steve and I and our daughter spent a very brief time in Miller Park and I enjoyed snapping a few photos and just had to paint this to relive my youth!

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