Thursday, September 29, 2016

Donut in progress

"Donut in Progress"
Day 29 of 30/30
6"x6" oil on gallery wrap canvas

Do not adjust your viewing device...this is not a tree!  I had another tree painting ready to post for today but it is really not something that needs to see the light of day.  Instead, I painted this donut this morning in class and am rather delighted with how it is going.  I am not pleased with how I painted the bite (that Anne forced us to take out of the donut) and I will work on that area next week at  my final class.   

I am enjoying doing these cropped still-life images.  I will (hopefully) have this donut, a slice of chocolate cake and a candy bar with the wrapper torn off as completed pieces to show you next week.  
Tomorrow is my last day for this 30/30 tree challenge.  I highly recommend the challenge for the dedication that one must put forth.  Getting better at this art thing requires painting miles and miles of canvas and this past month has given me a few more miles under my belt.  Join me tomorrow for my final challenge piece.