Tuesday, September 18, 2012


8"x6" oil on panel
     Our Snapfish order arrived today with almost a year's worth of photos in it!  I am still old-fashioned enough to want photos in albums so I can look through them and relive the memories of good times through the years...beach trips, mini vacations, the kids and grandkids at holiday times and all the school activities and sporting events they are involved in. 
     Back in March, Steve and I went to Charleston SC for our anniversary.  We had fabulous weather and spent a long weekend wandering the streets and snapped photos of everything we saw.  The flower baskets were "Overflowing" with Spring flowers and Charleston is at its best in the Spring in my opinion.
     Earlier today Kathy Cousart put out her blog post of a fantastic window box spilling over with flowers and I told her that she inspired me to paint one of my Charleston scenes and I could not wait for my photos to arrive and look what the mailman brought!