Friday, September 5, 2014

Lamar River Valley - Day 5

"Lamar River Valley"
#5 of 30
6"x8" oil on canvas pad

One thing that has occurred to me during this challenge is how enjoyable it is for me to look through my photos and have my eye notice photos that never seemed to catch my eye before.  It could be the values, the composition, the subject matter,  the colors or any number of things.  However, another thing that has occurred is how many ways the same image can be interpreted. By the way, this was painted from one of our hundreds of photos taken in Yellowstone National Park.  It is an expansive area in the Lamar Valley where buffalo by the hundreds roam and graze.  We have been so fortunate to see them both from a distance and up close (carefully and quickly of course).

This painting "Lamar River Valley" is an example of the latter example.  I have painted several versions of this image and each one has been so different.,  Just look at these two paintings (both of which have sold) shown below:

"River Stream"

"Lamar Valley"

In today's small painting, I have chosen the upper left area as my focal point but made the trees surrounding it more prominent.  It was in the original photo but I never made it be a feature.  I have also used different paint colors in today's painting and added features that were not in the other paintings.  

I know I have put a lot of information in this post that most of you could not possibly be interested in, but  this challenge is becoming for me an exploration and I am really enjoying the journey!

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