Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SASI Art for Christmas Show

Some of my paintings displayed at SASI

     This is a collage I created  of several of my paintings that are a part of the 2013 Art for Christmas Gift Show at Southern Arts Society in Kings Mountain NC.  The Open House was this past Sunday, November 24, 2013, and the sale will be open daily (except Mondays) until December 28, 2013.

     When I was there last week, the busy volunteers at SASI were at their creative best in turning The Depot into a winter wonderland and decorating the tables and walls with all the fabulous pottery, handmade items and beautiful artwork created by over 75 regional artists.

     The Kings Mountain Art Center (The Depot) is located at 302 N.Piedmont Avenue, Kings Mountain NC 28086.  The phone number is 704-739-5585 and their beautiful website is www.southernartssociety.org  Get started on your Christmas shopping and mark some items off your list!!  Admission is free!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PAP-SE Workshop in Charleston SC - Part 2

 photo of the Shem Creek marsh I completed on Thursday afternoon

     For Day 3 we returned to Shem Creek to watch the very entertaining Larry Moore create one of his famous boat scenes from the dock.  He is a master of drawing lines that follow the rules of perspective to create believable weather-beaten fishing boats.

Larry Moore explaining hard/soft edges and the warm/cool vibrations of color temps.

     Each of these three masters imparted so many wonderful techniques to use.  It is now our duty to study and paint, paint and paint some more!

     It was exciting to meet so many PAP-SE members at the Wet Paint Show on Friday night which showcased all their efforts that they created all week long.  Their beautiful paintings were in three different galleries along Broad Street.  Again it was so exciting to see their beautiful creations in person.    

      This workshop was a great excuse to reunite with four friends.  We had taken a workshop in Atlanta back in 2012 and this was a good way to reconnect with them and spend some good ART time with them. We ate our way through Charleston and sampled the delights at Magnolias, Slightly North of Broad, Vickery's, Water's Edge and Eli's Table.  We even made a late-night run to River Street Sweets near the market for some pralines!

     It was an incredible week and I am so blessed to have had this experience.  It was exhausting but SO MUCH FUN.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PAP-SE Workshop in Charleston SC - Part 1

     This past Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was one of 15 lucky students able to participate in a three-day PAP-SE workshop in Charleston sponsored by PAP-SE and Galerie on Broad.  Each day we had a different instructor painting in a different location.  Jim Richards, Bill Davidson and Larry Moore were the fabulous instructors this year.  They each did a demo in the morning, followed by lunch and then we fanned out and it was our turn to try to create something based on what they taught that morning.

     Day one started with a demo across the street from the gallery.  Jim Richards painted his light-filled street scene emphasizing sunlight and shadow in a value sketch of three values.  He then added color slowly to create an inviting Broad Street scene.

Jim Richards using a piece of cardboard to blur, soften and lose the edges.

     Day two took us out to Shem Creek Park where Bill Davidson showed us how to construct a marsh scene where composition and design are paramount and showed how shape and value are critical to a good painting.

Bill Davidson showing how to create depth in his marsh scene.

Tomorrow I will finish my recap with Part 2.