Saturday, September 27, 2014

Telephone Boxes - Day 27

"Telephone Boxes"
#27 of 30
6"x8" oil on canvas pad

Back in the Spring of 1999, Steve and I spent about a week in London to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  London is a very walkable city and we must have walked several miles a day.  We were based in London for the week but took a few day tours to Canterbury, White Cliffs of Dover, Stratford-on-Avon and several other places.

Just outside St. Paul's Cathedral we snapped a photo of two telephone booths, (known as a "telephone box" in the United Kingdom) something that is a relic from the past these days!  They were so bright red and really caught our eye.

St. Paul's Cathedral is where Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married back in 1981 as well as the  location of the funeral of Prime Minister Winston Churchill which took place in 1965.    London is a beautiful city full of architecture that has survived through the years and I would love to return!

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