Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Up Against the Fence

"Up Against the Fence"
Day 13 of 30/30
$8"x6" oil on canvas panel

Day 13 finds us over in Leiper's Fork TN, just outside of Nashville.  I was fortunate to attend a three-day Anne Blair Brown workshop back in March of this year and on the last day we were able to get outside and paint plein air.  I snapped lots of photos that day and thought this one would work well in this tree challenge I have given myself.  I really liked how the empty but stark tree branches formed such a strong statement against the beautiful blue sky.  

Anne told us that the property on the right side of this fence belongs to Justin Timberlake!  Evidently he owns quite a spread of land in this area.  Unfortunately, he didn't amble over to chat with us!  Maybe next time!

Come back tomorrow for Day 14 to see what I share.

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