Friday, September 30, 2016

Memories of String Lake

"Memories of String Lake"
Day 30 of 30/30
6"x8" oil on canvas panel

I started off the month with some aspens from the Tetons and I am finishing up the month with beautiful String Lake (also in the Tetons) and its mountains and of course its trees.  I loved the bright blue sky with puffy white clouds and the reflections on the lake.  Also, the strong vertical tree shapes with their dark base was striking to me.  

Participating in a challenge of this sort where I am required (by my own rules) to post a painting a day is so good in many ways.  Most days what I post is not always worthy of posting and/or putting it out there.  But the important thing is to show up for work and try to create a painting that is pleasing. The showing up part is the most important aspect in my opinion.  Sometimes the not worthy of posting part is very helpful because hopefully I have learned something even though the painting did not work out.  I love learning and stretching myself and painting helps me in both regards.  I will never stop learning and hope to continue to create paintings that are interesting to others.  

Thank you for following along on this journey this month!

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