Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cobblestone Street in SOHO

"Cobblestone Street in SOHO"
Day 12
6"x8" oil on canvas panel

We had just left Kate Spade and we wandered up Mercer Street and noticed the cobblestone streets.  I did a little Google search and learned Mercer, Wooster, Greene and Bond Streets in SOHO are in a protected historic district.  The cobblestones are actually flat rectangular Belgian granite and were brought over in the 1830's as ship ballast much like what I have always known about some of the streets in Charleston SC.  Charleston is a favorite city of ours to visit since it is only a three-hour drive from where we live.   

I am doing this 30/30 challenge to help me with perspective and that is why I choose this street.  I am sort of pleased with the perspective on this one but it is not realistic to have a NYC street without cars so I had to attempt them.  Please overlook my poor excuse for these vehicles!

I plan one more piece tomorrow using this same Qiang Huang limited color palette so I hope you come back tomorrow for Day 13!


  1. Beautiful color palette - really nice painting!!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Chris. I really appreciate the thought. NYC scenes can be very colorful or not, and this shows a little of both.