Monday, December 16, 2013

Beatrix Potter Cross Stitch

Grace's Cross Stitch
16"x23" approx

Do NOT adjust your screens!  This is NOT an oil painting!  This is a very detailed Beatrix Potter counted cross stitch that I recently completed for my youngest grandchild - 4 year old Grace.

As I have done for each of my other three grandchildren, I have lovingly created a cross-stitch sampler for them to always treasure.  Before this, I usually completed the sampler within a few months of their birth and the sampler hung in their bedroom near their crib.  The only difference this time is that Grace is old enough that she can now READ what I have made!

These samplers hopefully will be treasured by them and will hang in their homes as they grow up, marry and eventually become parents.  Each of my grandchildren know that I love them very much and it is my hope that they will treasure this gift to them and treat it as an heirloom.  

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