Saturday, June 8, 2013


10"x8" Oil on Panel
$295.00 framed

     I'm back!!!!  I have been off the radar for about a month with this blog.  I think I just allowed myself to get out of the routine of blogging.  I've been in a artistic slump like all artists go through occasionally but I think I am about to the end.  Thank goodness!!  

     During the month of May I have been participating in Leslie Saeta's 30 days of marketing and I have learned SO MUCH.  The amount of information and  knowledge that is out there is totally amazing and it is slowly filtering into my brain.  Thank you Leslie for sharing with all of us artists out here...we have all learned so much this past month.

     This "Happy" painting is my rendition of a handful of posies just waiting to be given to someone.  The energetic brushstrokes just made me "happy" when I look at it so I decided to call it just that! This painting is one of two entries that I have entered into the Guild of Charlotte Artists judged show at Christ Episcopal Church here in Charlotte at 1412 Providence Road.  There are over 80 pieces of artwork hanging so stop by and walk the halls to view some beautiful and colorful paintings.

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