Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Trails

Happy Trails
8"x8" Oil on Canvas

     I've never painted cowboy boots before but I decided to borrow a pair from a co-worker and give it a try!  I have worked for a General Surgery private practice for over 19 years and our senior partner,  affectionately known as "Papa Bear", was retiring.  He has lived in Texas and New Mexico in the past and still has many ties to that area.  He also loves all things Southwest so I thought boots would make an appropriate retirement gift.  

     I had to keep telling myself to paint "what I see" not "what I know" which is the mantra all artists try to go by.  For a bit, these cowboy boots resembled Ugg boots and I had to keep working at them to make them look like what I had sitting before me!!!  For my first try, I was generally pleased with the end product.

     Happy Trails, Dr. Parsons, you will be sorely missed...

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